Dear patient,

Social distance is key to fight this virus and therefore our clinic has carefully taking specific measures to secure your health: temperature scanners, mouth masks, implemented protocols for disinfecting hands and mouth, seperate restrooms, the installation in every room of the certified Novaerus to protection against all airborne viruses and bacteria, biodegradable beverage cups for coffee and water,... We've also implemented Zoom meetings with Dr. Feriduni to reduce the visitors in our clinic and for patients who can't travel abroad. Please fill in the obligatory Public Health Passenger Locator Form when travelling to Belgium (read more).
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Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +32(0)11 299 790
Stay safe and take good care of yourself
Dr. B. Feriduni

To avoid severe problems in hospitals, the closure of schools, the failing of the economy and too many people who will suffer from loneliness by an overall lockdown, the Belgian Committee has decided the following: 

- You can have 1 close contact who you can see without wearing a mouth mask 
- You can get together in a private atmosphere with the same 4 persons per 2 weeks 
- In public places, you can get together with a max. of 4 people
- Home office is strongly advised
- Wearing a mouth mask is mandatory
- Respect the social distance of 1,5 m
- Bars and restaurants are closed 
- Night shops close at 10 PM
- Alcohol cannot be sold after 8 PM
- You cannot go outside between midnight and 5 AM, only in urgent circumstances or for work

On November 19, these restrictions will be evaluated and an update will follow.

Let's talk!

You'd like to make an appointment with Dr. Feriduni to see if and how we can handle your problem(s) with your hair, and what the costs will be. We kindly ask you to first fill in the short online consultation form. With these few questions and 4 pictures we can make your personal private file. The is a standard form for hair, eyelashes, beard, brows, medical therapy, tricopigmentation,...  Dr. Feriduni will handle your request and you'll receive a proposition within one week with the best treatment plan and the estimated costs. Afterwards you can contact us to make an appointment at the clinic or on short notice by Zoom. 
So please first fill in the online consultation form before we can make an appointment for you. Thank you for understanding.  
Dr. Feriduni
"I always strive to a natural result without it being obvious that the patient has had a transplant."
Dr. Feriduni

Hair transplantation in Belgium

A hair transplant under local anesthetic to regain a full head of hair? Please contact us and discuss your options with Dr. Feriduni. Fill in the easy online consultation form and upload some pictures. You’ll receive the best treatment plan and the estimated costs for a hair transplant. Dr. Feriduni performs FUE and FUT treatments on a daily basis together with his professional and trained technicians. Bald spots can be treated, a natural hairline can be created by his expertise. The number of grafts depends on the area that needs to be treated, but much more of the safe donor management. Dr. Feriduni also performs PRP treatments in some cases. Additional or a few months after the hair transplantation or preventive. This will be meticulously determined by Dr. Feriduni during a personal consultation.

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