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We can only make an appointment with Dr. Feriduni when we have your patient file ready. Therefore, we kindly ask you to always first fill in our online consultation form. This is applicable for hair, eyelashes, brows, beard, medical therapy, tricopigmentation,... Dr. Feriduni will handle your request and you'll receive a first advised treatment plan and estimation of the costs within appx. 1 week per email. Once received, you can contact us for an appointment: email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +32(0)11299790.
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We continue adjusting our imposed measures at the clinic to ensure maximum safety for both our patients and staff. As we want to limit the amount of people that are present in our clinic simultaneously, we are still careful to allow new and postoperative in-house consultations. We strongly advise to temporarily book a Zoom meeting with Dr. Feriduni. In order to have a pre- or postoperative consultation or surgery, a proof of being fully vaccinated is still mandatory and a negative PCR-test taken max. 48 hours before your arrival at the clinic. Please always respect the current quarantine policy of your country. Despite these new measures, we will remain 24/7 at your disposal and do our utmost best to serve you as quickly as possible with your request and/or questions per email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or per telephone +32(0)11 299 790.

Click here to read more on the current situation in Belgium, measures and protocols in our clinic. We also recommend following your local government’s communication concerning COVID-19 measures and travel advice as this could vary per country. Thank you for your understanding.
Dr. Feriduni

"Natural results make the difference."

Recent results

Everyone who deals with hair loss, bald patches, a high forehead, a receding hairline, a lack of eyelashes, thin eyebrows, a scar or who had a bad hair transplant somewhere else is struggling with the way they look. The mind is strong and these days in particular, social media and what other people say about you matter. Dr. Feriduni understands well, he has treated over 2000 patients in the last 20 years and made them feel better and more confident again. Feel free to read what patients have shared in our Guestbook so far.

Hair transplantation in Belgium

A hair transplant under local anesthetic to regain a full head of hair? Please contact us and discuss your options with Dr. Feriduni. Fill in the easy online consultation form and upload some pictures. You’ll receive the best treatment plan and the estimated costs for a hair transplant. Dr. Feriduni performs FUE and FUT treatments on a daily basis together with his professional and trained technicians. Bald spots can be treated, a natural hairline can be created by his expertise. The number of grafts depends on the area that needs to be treated, but much more of the safe donor management. Dr. Feriduni also performs PRP treatments in some cases. Additional or a few months after the hair transplantation or preventive. This will be meticulously determined by Dr. Feriduni during a personal consultation.  


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