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There are different types of hair loss, of which most of them luckily are treatable. We can either start  medical therapy to stop further hair loss. Otherwise we can choose for a hair transplant. Dr. Feriduni does specific examinations in his private clinic in Belgium (Hasselt) to see what is the best long term solution for you.

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Follicular Unit Extraction
The FUE method is the most performed by Dr. Feriduni.   It is a technique for extracting hairs from a donor area - generally the tonsure, but in certain cases the back or chest. In contrast to the FUT method, the FUE method involves extracting individual hair root groups or hair units, the so-called follicular units, from the scalp. These make very small incisions in the scalp in the area directly above the follicular unit. The size of the punches is of major importance. FUE is done under local anaesthesia and free of pain. Expect good results withous visible scars!
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Follicular Unit Transplantation
The FUT method  is a method in which a strip of the scalp is taken from the donor area - generally the back of the head. It then involves extracting from this strip individual hair follicles / follicular units under the microscope and preparing them for implantation. These Follicular Units, or FUs for short, grow in groups of 1 - 4 or sometimes even 5 follicles. The transplant material thus obtained is then implanted into a prepared recipient area. Hairs extracted this way retain their genetic information, growing again naturally in the recipient area after transplantation. To obtain the requisite number of hair follicles needed for the transplant to look natural, the patient's existing hair density in the donor area is determined as exactly as possible (density measurement). This is done by counting the number of FUs per square cm before FUT treatment and is the basis for determining the size of the strip of scalp to be removed. The strip of scalp (or any other area covered in hair) is then removed using a scalpel. This is done under local anaesthesia, meaning that no pain at all is felt.
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A combination of both techniques (FUE+FUT) is also possible, just as Body Hair Transplantation (BHT)

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Dr. Feriduni
Hair transplantation is possible for everyone: men, women, transgenders. A repair or reconstructive surgery, eyelashes, eyebrows, beard and even pubic hair. Most important is to gain purely natural results, for which Dr. Feriduni is known worldwide. With more than 20 years of experience and surrounded by a top nothc medical team, your higly-private stay at Dr. Feriduni Hair Clinic is the best place you can be. Patient is king; we do not settle for less. 
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