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Natural results

"Tailoring a hairline requires taking into account natural implantation and other aspects, including the overall proportions of the head and the individual wishes of each patient."
Dr. Feriduni
In addition to Belgian patients, over 90% of Dr. Feriduni's patients is international. Every patient is personally consulted by Dr. Feriduni in English, German, Dutch or French. More than 30% of Dr. Feriduni's cases include repair or corrective hair transplant procedures due to previously outdated or subpar results from other clinics. Dr. Feriduni also offers scalp reduction procedures by means of the SHA-Lift (surgical hairline advancement) technique and trichophytic-closure scar revisions. Additional services include eyebrow and eyelash transplantation; beard, moustache and sideburn restoration; and scar camouflage after a facelift, accident or burning injury. More than 10% of Dr. Feriduni's monthly cases are women and nearly 2% of all yearly cases are transgender patients. In addition to surgical treatments, Dr. Feriduni also offers his patients medical therapy consultations.

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