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A warm welcome
Lien, Sofie, Cristian and Loke are more than happy to welcome you to our clinic. They will make you feel comfortable by their enthusiasm and professional service. Whatever you need, they will help you with pleasure.

Lien, Loke, Cristian and Sofie

Meet the doctors
After a good cup of coffee with of course the best Belgian chocolates, the doctor will invite you to his office for a personal intake. Your appointment can take as long as needed; Dr. Feriduni / Dr. Hölscher feel like no other how important this is.


Let us take care of you
The day of your treatment you will be guided to one of our private patient rooms. Here you can take a rest and prepare for the surgery. You can either come alone or take someone with you; we will do the utter most to make you feel comfortable.

A warm welcome for our patients


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Contact us for more info 
+32 11 299 790 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.