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Foundation  Because the heart matters

Not all hair transplants are purely esthetical. Dr. Feriduni has achieved to restore many patients' hairline or bald spots caused by accidents.  Dr. Feriduni believes in social responsibility and helps those who cannot afford to pay for reconstructive hair treatment. Through his own foundation, which was started in 2005, he performs approximately one surgical case each month free of charge.
IMG_7913--0d5c961c Foundation - Dr. Feriduni

Young woman / burning accident 

This Foundation case is of our 32 y/o patient who had a severe burning accident during her childhood. She came to Dr. Feriduni to see what could be done, since she had a large bald area with burning scars. She wore a wig which was not comfortable and itchy. Dr. Feriduni performed a test to see whether hair transplantation would work and luckily it did. The past 6 years, the doctor performed 4 FUE's on her to gently recreate a decent hairline on which she can attach a smaller, more comfortable and more natural hair piece. It's amazing to see how our patient has evolved and how much better she feels. That's why Dr. Feriduni started his Foundation. Some people suffer from very unfortunate events in their life. Good people who do not always have the means to find help. We're glad to give them a chance...
Foundation_IG6-119b20ba Foundation - Dr. Feriduni
Foundagtion_IG3-1547c7fc Foundation - Dr. Feriduni
Foundation_IG4-fc105275 Foundation - Dr. Feriduni

Young girl / burning accident

This Foundation case is of our youngest patient who also had a burning accident when she was a baby. Her parents came to Dr. Feriduni when she was 4, because there was no hair growth at the front of her head. Use the scroller to see the situation before and after the surgery.




"Giving is the greatest act of grace"
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