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Hair transplantation is a complex surgery which Dr. Feriduni carries out with the help of his assistants. It is a team job, and it needs to be borne in mind that a doctor is only as good as the team supporting him. The team at the Dr. Feriduni Hair Clinic consists of established specialists who interact optimally with each other. In the case of Dr. Feriduni, the team consists of 7 medical and 4 administrative assistants, all helping Dr. Feriduni and at the service of the clinic's patients.
"Never change a winning team'

The headcount is possibly not as important as the qualifications and experience each team member contributes, welding the team together into a high-quality and competent entity. Most of Dr. Feriduni's assistants have been working in his team for the last 4 - 20 years, and all have enjoyed international training. Each medical assistant regularly takes part in European and/or international workshops/training courses. Moreover a regular exchange of staff and knowledge takes place with renowned clinics in Europe and the USA, meaning that Dr. Feriduni's team always has the latest information and knowledge available on state-of-the-art techniques. Dr. Feriduni's team is multilingual, welcoming patients from all over the world in the patient's native language.
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