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The importance of good aftercare

Aftercare is a key aspect of hair transplant surgery. At Dr. Feriduni Hair Clinic, the aftercare is fully included. Right after the treatment our specialist Jolien makes sure you can leave the clinic with a decent and clean look. You also receive a bag with specialised aftercare products custom made by Dr. Feriduni: e.g. shampoo, serum, oil and spray, but also a neck cushion to improve your sleep the first days, medication, a cooling pack etc. The day after we are happy to welcome you again in our clinic for a soft wash and aftercare.
Our aftercare specialists Jolien & Ilfie
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Aftercare wash the day after your surgery (day 1)

Aftercare instructions - digital folder

In this folder you can find all the information you need for proper aftercare: the usage of the products, an overview of the medication, some guidelines, possible side effects, detailed postoperative instructions, FAQ and contact information. You can easily browse through the pages and download or print if you like.
(patient use only)

Aftercare App "Clinicly"

In our clinic we provide the extra service to our patients by our very own aftercare app called "Clinicly". It's easy in use and very helpful before and after your treatment. The app is sort of a personal assistant that helps you every day reminding you what you can or can not do (yet).
Our staff will help you to install the app in your preferred language. 
Dr. Feriduni

"Good aftercare is part of the healing process. Every patient is in the most gentle hands of our specialists who are experts in hair transplant aftercare."

Dr. Feriduni

When does the doctor expect to see you again?

We would like to follow your healing and growth process and therefore kindly ask you to keep us up-to-date by sending pictures per email after 14 days and 6 months. You are invited for a personal consultation again with the doctor in our clinic 12 to 18 months after your treatment for a final check-up. Please make your appointment in time.

Contact us for more info 
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