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"What is the price of a hair transplant?"

Unfortunately this question cannot be answered straight away. The costs of a hair transplantation depend on various factors, such as your personal wishes, the condition of your hair, the number of FU and the technique which will be used.

Custom rates

Dr. Feriduni will make an accurate estimation of the price during a personal consultation with specific examinations. You will receive a treatment plan and price offer without obligation. Every patient is unique. And that implicates not only the individual factors, but also the expectations and desires of a hair transplantation. Some are satisfied by a subtle change, others want a complete different appearance. One patient want to get rid of his bald crown, another patient thinks the frontal hairline is more important. There are people who prefer a low hairline, but also people who tend to a soft, receding hairline that matches their age. Al these small and large questions and topics will be discussed. And that's why Dr. Feriduni insists on a personal consultation. To propose to you a complete and custom offer which implies every detail.

Satisfied patients, that's our goal!

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    It's 9 months after the surgery already... it's the time to take a look at the result...- I am very very very satisfied! I'd like to thank you for your perfect job. I am very happy again, thank you! 
    JM, Germany
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    A big thank you for doing such a wonderful job and caring for me. It means a lot!"  
    KR, ES
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    I am really pleased with how things have progressed. I’m very happy with the result overall, especially the temples - they look great! It’s an unbelievable transformation compared to how my hair was two years ago.
    RA, UK
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    "Just writing you to say that i’m only at 4 months post op and I have already faced an incredible hair growth, I can comb my hairs as I like and i have a new hairline!!! I cannot say how much thankful i am , It's astonishing the result ( its already dense in the middle ).
    LP, IT
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    I truly think that you are one of the best persons I have ever met and I can barely count them on my fingers, as not so many people in this world care about their happiness first. I have nothing to say but thank you very much! Thank you Dr. feriduni from deep inside my heart! 🙏 Thanks to your team that is incredible!
    LP, IT
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    "I would like to thank you, that you (and of course also your team) have restored the joy and happiness in my life. After I have been hiding myself for almost 10 years in my house, I have now the confidence again to go outside and feel good about myself. I have defeated my insecurities thanks to you!"
    AD, Italy
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"A cheap hair transplant is never good and a good hair transplant is never cheap. As we tend to see an extreme increase in low quality hair transplantation, we love to share our thoughts on this topic. Many patients come to my clinic after they have had a bad hair transplant somewhere else. This can be avoided when taking important issues in consideration."

Dr. Feriduni

Too good to be true?

Many clinics often try to attract patients by offering them cheap hair transplant. But in most cases, it turns out that their only objective is to make it cheap and dismiss quality and longterm approach. Low priced offers are often tempting and challenging to those with limited budgets. But it is highly recommended to inform yourself comprehensively before opting for a hair transplant at certain clinics in your country or abroad. Unfortunately, the majority of those clinics do not fulfill their promises. Most of the hair transplants will result in poor outcomes due to a low growing yield which intensivley affects the patient’s self-esteem. In most cases, several hair transplants (repair) will be necessary to achieve an aesthetically satisfying result.

Follow the 2 steps to get an accurate estimation of the costs

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Step 1

Click on “Online consultation” in the left top menu and fill in the form (free of charge)

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Step 2

Receive within approximately one week the first advice and price offer from Dr. Feriduni in your mailbox

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