"How much does a hair transplant cost?"

The cost of a transplant is obviously an important question for anyone wanting one. Unfortunately it is not possible to establish a straight price list, as the cost is dependent on many different factors, including a patient's individual wishes, his current hair situation, the number of hairs needing to be transplanted and the technique used. An exact estimate can only be provided by Dr. Feriduni once he has had the opportunity to personally examine your hair situation and discuss with you what needs doing.

If you would like to receive an assessment of your personal treatment costs, we kindly ask you to fill in the online consultation form. By filling in the queries below as accurately as possible, you unable us to make a rough estimation of your treatment costs.
Costs of a hair transplantation

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  • It's 9 months after the surgery already... it's the time to take a look at the result...- I am very very very satisfied! I'd like to thank you for your perfect job. I am very happy again, thank you!
    JM, Germany
  • A big thank you for doing such a wonderful job and caring for me. It means a lot!
    KR, UK
  • I am really pleased with how things have progressed. I’m very happy with the result overall, especially the temples - they look great! It’s an unbelievable transformation compared to how my hair was two years ago.
    RA, UK
    Dr. Feriduni
    "Please remind that a cheap hair transplant is never good and good hair transplant is never cheap."
    Dr. Feriduni

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