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Taking the step to contact an expert on your hair problem, it's something often underestimated. You should take all the time you need and inform yourself well. For sure it can be helpful to read stories of people who share(d) the same issues on their hair. Therefore,  some of our patients created a blog about their hair transplantation(s). We've put them all together in a neat overview for you below the page. 

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New - 3rd visit with 1744 FUE: thickening of the hairline and FUT Scar repair

Read more on our patient's story from 2011 until now. 
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Hello everyone,

I returned last week from Belgium back to the UK after my third implant with Dr Feriduni. My hair loss first began in my mid twenties receding from the front. After lots of online research I decided to have my first procedure 9 years ago at the age of 31. Unfortunately I initially paid a deposit of £500 to the Hospital group in Harley street which I believe is now called Ziering Medical. However after reading on line horror stories I decided to cancel, unfortunately their sales guy I was dealing with (Tarquin Blanford) would not refund my deposit. At this time (2011) I found that there was really on 3 clinics in Europe which were consistently getting great results. 2 were in Belgium and one was in the UK, after contacting all 3 and online consultations I decided to go with Dr Feriduni. My First procedure was FUT, I made this decision based on my budget at the time, however I wish I had paid the extra and gone with FUE, however in 2011 FUT was much more common place, the scar I received was nice and neat and I have no complaints about the procedure, however where possible its always best to avoid a scar.

Review - travelling during Belgium lockdown

Read more on our patient Swill's journey and experience of travelling to and from Belgium during lockdown. In our clinic, we do our utmost to ensure your safety and comfort. On this page you can follow the most current updates on our measures and the situation in Belgium. If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. 
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Repair case performed by Dr. Feriduni – 7495 FU in 2 procedures

1. FUE to reconstruct the hairline and remove wrong-placed and -directed FU and scar correction in Trychophytic Closure technique.
2. FUE to restore the crown area and scar correction in FUE.

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Hi guys,

Firstly I am not one to normally contribute to forums like this, but as a few of these forums were an invaluable source of information to me that helped me make my decision regarding my hair transplant procedure I think I owe it to ‘give something back’ and write about my experience, which may in turn help anyone in making their decision down the line. A little about me… Im 33 years old and from the UK and have suffered with hair loss from a very young age. I have naturally thin hair anyway, and noticed in my late teens that my hairline was starting to recede heavily. As a result at 19 (back in 2004) I opted to have a hair transplant with a company in Athens, Greece, fronted by a chap named Malcolm Mendhelson (sp?) using the choi procedure… long story short I was young and stupid, the procedure was beyond terrible (hairs implanted without care for directionality, sparse, terrible job). I was also absolutely butchered with my scar site at the back of my head, the extent of which only became apparent years later when I had to cut my hair short due to further balding.

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