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Some people are blessed with good hair. They seem to have it all: strong volume, a healthy glow, a natural and shiny color,... But others were less lucky when it comes to that. Thinning hair of a high forehead are examples of issues a lot of women deal with. If you worry too much about this, then you should know there's a solution for this. Dr. Feriduni is for more than 20 years an expert in hair and he'd love to listen to your problem and see how he can help you with that. The results of our female patients show that Dr. Feriduni can make your dream work. From SHA-lift to FUE or FUT, with micro or macrolines if you're not into shaving your hair partially. Sometimes medical therapy can also bring a solution, PRP might improve hair growth and tricopigmentation is a great alternative. 
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Our services

At Dr. Feriduni Hair Clinic, we offer multiple services to fight hair loss, to restore thinning hair, receding hairlines or to lower the hairline for women with a high forehead. The repair of a former hair transplant can be treated by Dr. Feriduni in most cases, and women who suffer hair loss or have bald patches after trauma can be helped as well. Ask for more information on these topics, we're glad to help! Also eyelashes and eyebrows can be treated with a hair transplantation. 

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Surgical Hairline Advancement (SHA-lift)

There are a number of women who have a hereditary high hairline or high forehead. The appearance of a high hairline can make women look masculine and/or older than they actually are. The associated high forehead is often seen as unattractive and their hair styling is often limited to combing downward (bangs) to camouflage it. These women, even though there are no signs of hair loss, are dissatisfied with their naturally high forehead and wish they could lower their hairline to a more cosmetically pleasing location. 

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Preoperative view

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Final result

Dr. Feriduni evaluates every patient individually. In some cases, a SHA-Lift is the perfect solution. In other cases, he opts for a combination of both a SHA-Lift and a FUE.   

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”I am really pleased with the result! It looks both natural and fits the shape of my face. Even though (I find) the change is huge, not many have noticed this change. As my husband says: “It just looks so very natural that even I tend to forget that you once looked different. And that is exactly how it should be!“ He is right. Even I have started to forget - though my previous hairline did bother me since childhood! Thank you! ”

Hair transplantation (FUE or FUT)

Through the years, more and more women are opting for a hair transplant as well. Unfortunately there still is a taboo on this matter. Looks and mental health are all over social media and there is no reason to live unhappy about something you can actually change. Dr. Feriduni can guarantee a visible result without a visible surgery. Read more on FUE or in some cases FUT, in which the doctor has performed more than 8000 in his career. Hair transplantation has no secrets for Dr. Feriduni. He can create the most exquisit natural hairlines and is internationally known for his work and lifelong results. 

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Repair of former hair transplants

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Brows on fleek

Eyebrows frame the face and enhance the impression you give. We tend to see more and more women in our clinic with tattood lines as eyebrows. Which are mostly an unfortunate and non-reversible result of a technique that was quite popular a few years ago. But in this case, Dr. Feriduni is able to transplant your own hair very accurately in order to recreate natural eyebrows. Goodbye blue lines! 

Also the continuous waxing or epilation eventually keeps the hair from growing back. And trends come and go, so the very thin 'rainbow-shaped' brows are not what they used to. Big brows are back in the 20's, and that's where Dr. Feriduni can help. Full and identical eyebrows can be recreated also with transplanting your own hair, e.g. in FUE.
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