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Dr. Feriduni is an certified Diplomate of The American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery, internationally recognized as the only board certification focusing on hair restoration surgery for physicians worldwide. Every surgeon that is recognized as a Diplomate has participated and shown proficiency in both extensive written and oral examinations, each of which is statistically validated with regard to their ability to discriminate between those whose practice habits were consistent with safe, aesthetically sensitive hair restoration surgery.

ABHRS-577e267c Recertification Dr. Feriduni

We are honoured to announce that Dr. Feriduni has successfully succeeded the Recertification Exam in September 2022 and is a certified Diplomate of the ABHRS. He was granted his certification because he meets the highest standards of the medical profession in the field of hair restoration surgery.

"ABHRS establishes requirements for qualification of applicants for certification in the field of hair restoration and that distinguishes the good hair surgeons."
Dr. Feriduni

Why certification matters

Any individual with a medical license can legally perform hair restoration surgery.

As a result the surgical and aesthetic skill level of a physician offering to perform hair transplant surgery can vary significantly. Also although genetic hair loss is common and usually easy to diagnose, it is important that your physician understands the causes of hair loss and is properly trained to diagnose and treat other causes of hair loss properly.

Recognized by the ISHRS

ISHRS is a global non-profit medical association, as well as the leading authority on hair loss treatment and restoration.

ABHRS' mission

To act for the benefit of the public, to establish specialty standards and to examine surgeons’ skill, knowledge and aesthetic judgment in the field of hair restoration surgery.

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