Natural hairline design

Artist work

With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Feriduni has performed more than 10000 hair transplants on patients of every age, race, gender and skin colour. He has a master eye when it comes to (re)creating the hairline. Every detail matters because the hairlines literally frames the face and you can't tell if someone has had a hair transplant when it is done in a natural way. 


When creating the hairline, Dr. Feriduni respects the patient's facial shape, jaw line and bone structure. The hairline type and multiple landmarks a.o. the frontal midpoint, temporal points, sideburns etc. are taken into account. The natural hair density should be approached as much as possible. Recreating the hairline takes meticulous measurements and is a custom process in which Dr. Feriduni strives to achieve the most natural result. Also, safe donor management is key in our clinic. For example, a receding hairline in your twenties can probably be restored. But chances are high that further hair loss (of non-transplanted hair) will occur. Dr. Feriduni calculates the donor area (the area on the back of the head) to foresee a possible future treatment or consider a follow-up with a medical treatment to stabilize or stop further hair loss. 

Male, female and intermediate hairlines

Hairlines differ between men and women. The male hairline is characterised by the anterior and temporal line, which never remain straight because that would create a fake look. They are then further subdivided into micro and macro irregularities to match a natural appearance. The shape of female hairlines comes in a variety of rounded, triangular, rectangular, M- or bell-shaped curves. Dr. Feriduni will always consider the soft transition zone with the proper density in order to recreate a beautiful and natural look. 






Different female hairline shapes

"I am so pleased I choose to go with the Dr Feriduni Hair Clinic. From start to finish the service was exemplary. Dr. Feriduni and team have done an amazing job. I am so happy with the result and will be forever grateful. I absolutely recommend your clinic. You have helped regain my confidence. Dr Feriduni is one of the most genuine and honest people I have met. He fills you with confidence with his extensive knowledge and professionalism. "


Happy patients

What characterizes Dr. Feriduni, is that he is a warm and caring person who takes his time when meeting the patient. Everything can be discussed, questions can be asked, insecurities can be named. We don't often meet happy people in our clinic. At least, until the day of their surgery. Everyone who deals with hair loss, bald patches, a high forehead, a receding hairline, a lack of eyelashes, thin eyebrows, a scar or who had a bad hair transplant somewhere else is suffering from the way they look. We know well that the mind is strong. Social media are too, and what other people say about you. Dr. Feriduni understands. He has treated over 2000 patients and basically made their life better again. Have a look in our Guestbook, where we collect feedback from our patients.  

Every patient has his/her story. Our patients Laurens, Bert and Francesco were glad to share theirs. Read more by simply clicking on the pictures below.


Have a look at a few of our patients who've had their hairline naturally restored by Dr. Feriduni. You can find more before/afters grouped in multiple categories when clicking here.

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