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Hair loss in your twenties

Bert, SO happy with his hair transplant

How barber Bert dealt with his thinning hairline

Since the age of 23, Bert has been using Finasteride for a period of 5 years. Then he got fed up with the side effects and quit the treatment. He started using Toppik to cover his thinning hair. Add a daily routine of Minoxidil and there you have an overview of this young man's fight against hair loss.

“If I went out and forgot my umbrella, I totally freaked out. The fear of my Toppik being ruined was huge.”
Bert D.

As a barber / hair dresser, it is his daily goal is to make people happy about their hair. But his own hair situation became quite confronting, since he literally works more than anyone in front of a mirror. Go figure... So he decided to make an appointment with Dr. Feriduni to talk things through.

Natural hairline design

After all his attempts, Bert took a decision he had been thinking about for several years: a hair transplantation. Dr. Feriduni was able to perform a FUE with 3098 FU to restore his receding and thinning hairline as natural as possible. Bert's classification was Norwood III at age 30, which is quite young. Dr. Feriduni always takes into account possible further hair loss and he made sure Bert's donor area was used safely for extraction.


45° left side view


Front view


45° right side view

Preoperative pictures

14 months later

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we only got to see Bert's progress by the pictures he has sent us per email. We then agreed on planning a safe and professional photoshoot on the day Bert was allowed to open his barber shop again. And then this kind of magic happened...

The result

  • Concentrated-bw-0c5ae9f6 Barber Bert - Dr. Feriduni
  • Check that hairline
  • Wanderingbw-2f0186e5 Barber Bert - Dr. Feriduni
  • Hairdresserbw-8ab7901a Barber Bert - Dr. Feriduni
  • Hairstrikebw-90fa6be5 Barber Bert - Dr. Feriduni
  • Playingscissorsbw-c6f483c2 Barber Bert - Dr. Feriduni
  • Thinkingbw-cc4b8100 Barber Bert - Dr. Feriduni
Bert, 2 weeks postop

I was afraid of becoming bald. People close to me know that my hair (except for my wife and son) is my world. And you'd say: then shave it. Sure, but I just didn't want that for the rest of my life. For all people out there who are insecure, I can only advise: go for it! This was the best decision I've made in the last 10 years. For me, Dr. Feriduni and the staff are simply heroes without capes.
Thank you ♥️

Bert D.

Life's too short to worry about your hair

Don't let hair loss get in your way and stop worrying. Let's talk! Dr. Feriduni is more than willing to help. Simply fill in the free online consultation form. You can do this with your cell phone or on your computer. It's very easy, quick and free. Your online consultation will allow Dr. Feriduni to determine whether you are suitable for a treatment, and he will provide you also with an estimation of the costs. Then you can decide whether you're interested in a personal consultation to consider the next step.
Filling in the online consultation form will only take you 5 minutes to complete and you'll receive an email from us within max. 1 week. And rest assured: our online consultation = no cost & no obligation. 
Hairstrike-witkader-62bae7fc Barber Bert - Dr. Feriduni
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