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The Best Hair Transplant Doctors In The World Today: 2023 Edition

image0_2-1bca85b9 The Best Hair Transplant Doctors In The World Today 2023 - Dr. Feriduni
image1_2-50ad5627 The Best Hair Transplant Doctors In The World Today 2023 - Dr. Feriduni
image2_2-140c733f The Best Hair Transplant Doctors In The World Today 2023 - Dr. Feriduni
All hair transplant surgeons are created equal, right? Wrong. As Joe Tillman from Hair Transplant Mentor stated during a recent discussion with Spencer Kobren on The Bald Truth podcast: “The hair transplant industry has progressively gotten worse over the last ten years. It has regressed backwards in many ways, especially in patient safety. It’s shocking! Patients must do their research.”
Spencer Stevenson

Hair expert Spencer Stevenson from Spex Hair shares his experience of having undergone thirteen hair transplants in an article on, the online evolution of a traditional men’s magazine, dedicated to timeless yet contemporary style, intelligent living, and value. Dr. Feriduni is one of the hair surgeons listed as the best hair transplant surgeons in the world, edition 2023. 

About Dr. Feriduni

Dr. Feriduni’s history in hair transplantation dates back to 1995. In 2000, he established Hair Clinic Dr. Feriduni in Belgium, employing a small team of medical assistants. The clinic’s focus is on maximum service, personal attention and a high level of privacy. Aside from Belgian patients, around half of the patients travel from other European countries to be treated by Dr. Feriduni who consults in English, Dutch, German and French. He personally supervises each patient’s progress and manages all pre- and post-operative controls from initial contact. The doctor is one of just a few hair transplantation surgeons worldwide to perform both FUST and FUE harvesting techniques on a daily basis. Patients can also have their facial hair restored and facelift and accident scars camouflaged. I know him personally and he is a very caring and skilful surgeon.

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