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Eyebrow transplant
Chrissy Teigen

Source: Het Nieuwsblad, 23/11/2021

Topmodel Chrissy Teigen underwent an eyebrow transplantation. Not to fill up her hair, but to empower her brows. The famous model shared her precedure on her social media. Also in Belgium there are experts who can restore eyebrows. How does this work and what are the costs?

It's a striking message from the 35-year-old model and wife of John Legend. She showed her followers the procedure for a hair transplant on her eyebrows via Instagram. Teigen said she was tired of always having to brush and draw her eyebrows when she went out on the street. “I just want to go out without makeup. So I am very pleased with this surgery.”

The procedure is not performed very often in Belgium, says the European authority in hair transplants doctor Bijan Feriduni. “It's not a question we often get. But it happens. Especially women who are getting older and losing their eyebrows in a natural way. Or women who have epilate too much in the past. Epilation causes traction alopecia. If a hair is pulled too much, the follicle dies.”

ChrissyTeigen-IG-38a86bc1 Eyebrow transplant Chrissy Teigen  - Dr. Feriduni

Men also sometimes end up with Dr. Feriduni, but more often after an accident. “A cut or scrape that interrupts the eyebrow. Then we often only have to fill a small part.”

In fact, eyebrow transplantation is no different than hair transplantation. At the back of the head, above the neck, a strip of hair is first removed under anaesthetic (the FUT-technique). Then each individual follicle is placed with an incision in the eyebrow zone. “A very time-consuming operation,” says Feriduni. “Not only for the patient, but also for us. For a complete eyebrow transplant we are soon at 4 to 5 hours, myself and three assistants. That is because each hair must be selected very carefully. They have to grow in a certain way and it can only be one and not two in a follicle.”

And that comes with a price tag. In our country, the procedure will cost between 2,000 and 3,200 euros.

“Eyebrows are important to your face. They frame your eyes the way your hairline frames your face. Without eyebrows you quickly look older and more tired”, says the specialist. Immediately after the procedure, Teigen already announced that she is delighted with the result. In the last photo in the evening she gives a warning to young girls. “Teenagers! Stop plucking violently like I did!”

Interested in eyebrow transplantation?
Dr. Feriduni has performed more than 10000 hair transplantations in the last 20 years, and also eyebrow transplants. Read more on the eyebrow transplantations  Dr. Feriduni performs and about Dr. Feriduni himself. He is a renowned surgeon who treats patients from all over the world.

How much does an eyebrow transplantation cost?
Fill in the free online consultation form on our website. This can be done on your computer or smartphone. It's easy, fast and free. dr. Feriduni will go through your application and send you his advice within about 7 days. This means that you will receive a proposed treatment plan, as well as an indication of the costs. If you are not (yet) suitable for treatment, Dr. Feriduni always clearly indicate this.
It is impossible to put a price on an eyebrow transplant over the phone, this depends on many factors that the doctor can determine based on your request. 

Why is a good eyebrow transplant never cheap?
Quality has its price, and this has to do with the personal approach from A to Z, with the high-end material during the operation, the personnel costs in Belgium are not the same as in other countries. And last but not least: the knowledge, experience and expertise of Dr. Feriduni. Feel free to browse the international forums and read what people write about him. Own patients, other patients who have had a bad eyebrow transplant and still go to Dr. Feriduni and who will restore it as far as possible. 
A good eyebrow transplant is never cheap, and a cheap eyebrow transplant is never good.Read more about the danger of a cheap hair transplant!

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