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Hair loss at a young age - a patient's story

Ross-preop-topview-1-8aa00e19 Hair loss at a young age - Dr. Feriduni

Our patient Ross from the UK calls into the Bald Truth show to share his range of emotions dealing with hair loss and how devastating it was to lose his hair at a young age. Ross informs the guys about his extensive research along with his excellent surgery with leading IAHRS surgeon Dr. Feriduni in Belgium. A great story that many will identify.

Emotional rollercoaster

Ross’ hair loss started already at the age of 20. About 5 years later, he used Minoxidil to prevent further hair loss and that slowed things down, but the damage in fact was already done. Ross became unhappy and lost his self-confidence. The comments he got were paralyzing. Other people seem to have no clue how loaded and hurtful they can be. They don’t know how sensitive it is to you. But in a way it is normal to feel that way; many will have been there and can relate to it.

"Do your research"

Ross did multiple consultations and got different opinions. In the end, he felt most comfortable with Dr. Feriduni. Ross knew well that surgery would be the last resort, so he started doing research for about 2 years. In that way, Ross could have a proper two-way conversation with the doctor, who is not afraid to tell his patient that in fact surgery is the last resort.

"It is simply mind-boggling that people who get hair surgery have no idea of who their surgeon will be and will be working on you. It seems as if they go through their social media feeds and pick up the cheapest doctor or clinic?"

Spencer Kobren, The Bald Truth

"Dr. Feriduni is like the Rolls-Royce of his industry. He is one of the best surgeons in the world. But regardless of that, his empathy towards every single patient is amazing. He gives everyone the amount of time he of she needs. I've experienced it myself, he is a great guy."

Spencer Stevenson,

The consultation with Dr. Feriduni took place in October 2020 and Ross got his FUE with 3529 FU one month later, in November. At the moment of the interview, he is 9 months postop and thrilled with the result so far.

Ross-avatarrr-69c4ad73 Hair loss at a young age - Dr. Feriduni

"It's crazy how it has come on. It is a waiting game as always, but the last 6 to 8 weeks there has been a ridiculous amount of growth. I'm looking forward to the fact that it's even getting better."


On (FUE procedure with Dr Bijan Feriduni - 3529 grafts) you can read all about Ross' hair transplant story. He decided to share his journey since the stories of other patients helped him during his research. One to follow!

Ross2--65691a18 Hair loss at a young age - Dr. Feriduni
Ross1--c0617174 Hair loss at a young age - Dr. Feriduni
9 months after Ross' FUE hair transplant

To ugly duckling or not

On the question if he became a little nervous during the so-called ugly duckling phase, Ross gave a confident no.

"I just knew it was a superb job. I walked out of the clinic pretty pain-free and had no bloody bandages wrapped around my head. The aftercare was incredible. And Dr. Feriduni prescribed topical Finasteride for the crown area to slow down the process of future hair loss. Yes, it was a very hard decision last year. I am aware that I'm gonna need future surgery, Dr. Feriduni made that clear. But when that comes, I know that he is the man for the job."

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"It couldnt really gone any smoother. Dr. Feriduni is very happy with the progress and says it will mature over the next 6 to 12 months. I'm already ecstatic at the results and its already changed my life and people have noticed and are amazed at how good it is. This has made me kickstart a fitness regime and since the gyms reopened on 12th April I've lost over 8 kilos. So i’m really starting to get some confidence back in how I look. Ready for a big summer once the covid restrictions are lifted... I can't recommend Dr. Feriduni enough, it was worth every penny."

Ross, 6 months after his hair transplant
Ross-smile-49b6fd68 Hair loss at a young age - Dr. Feriduni

Let's talk!

Like Ross mentioned, it truly is important to do your research before you go for surgery. Fill in the online consultation form on our website and Dr. Feriduni will get back to you within appx. 1 week. You'll receive a first advised treatment plan and also the potential costs, all without obligation. After that, you can give us a call or send an email to make an appointment with Dr. Feriduni. 

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