Biodegradable cups, plates and cutlery

Every patient's temperature is taken when entering the clinic

Multiple disinfectant gel dispensers

Safety shield at our welcome desk

Novaerus disinfection and odour control

Protective mouth masks for every patient

Our medical staff has always worked with protective mouth masks and gloves. But since the major lockdown, we've implemented protocols and measures to ensure the patient's health and safety as much as possible:

  • As from October 9, Dr. Feriduni is taking a test on every patient before surgery
  • Every patient's temperature is taken when entering the clinic
  • There are multiple automatic dispensers to disinfect your hands thoroughly
  • We offer biodegradable coffee cups, cutlery and plates for drinks and lunch
  • We've installed a large protective shield at our welcome desk 
  • In every room there is a Novaerus dis-infection and odour control which protects against all airborne viruses and bacteria
  • Wearing a mouth mask is mandatory everywhere in the clinic
  • Before the personal consultation in Dr. Feriduni's office, the furniture and ipad are being disinfected 
  • We've limited our consultations in the clinic to a minimum; Zoom consultations are implemented in our agenda
  • Before surgery, the patient needs to disinfect his/her mouth with specialised mouth water
  • Our staff is divided in 2 teams: in the operation room, the lunch area,...
  • Our administrative team is working remote in turn
  • Staff can only enter the dressing room one per one
The patient's health is always our first priority. 
Dr. Feriduni
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