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Hair loss in your thirties

Bert, SO happy with his hair transplant

The perfect timing for Citymanager Ben

I sold my cocktailbar and switched my career to citymanager of Hasselt. And then this virus happened, so like the whole world, I set my course straight. At first, I wanted to fly to Turkye for a hair transplant, but eventually I decided to go to Dr. Feriduni, one of Europe's best hair surgeons whose clinic happens to be located in... Hasselt :-)

“With a good beard, I ignored my thinning hairline for a while. But time went by and I started to doubt how fast this all was gonna go.”

Ben C.

Ben is happily married and has a beautiful daughter Stella (5). He is an entrepreneur pur sang: he went from bank director to owner of a cocktail bar and now is working as citymanager of Hasselt for a year. People know Ben as a hard-working man with a strong network. He is a guy you can rely on, and also a good husband and dedicated father. On one of his latest holidays, his wife took a gorgeous picture of Ben and Stella facing the sunset. A captured moment to treasure. But that picture became a turning point for Ben. The way his hair looked really got him. What do you think?
We've managed to capture the same picture, regardless of the sunset, but with better hair. Yes, we did!

BS-voor-1f1e3726 Citymanager Ben - Dr. Feriduni

Stella & Ben before his hair transplant

BS-na-7263c6ac Citymanager Ben - Dr. Feriduni

Stella & Ben 1 year later

Natural hairline design

Ben took the step and booked a consultation with Dr. Feriduni. Considering his age (38), stage of hair loss and donor capacity, the doctor concluded that FUE would be the best treatment for him. And so it went: mid November 2020 Ben underwent his hair transplant in Hasselt. In COVID-19 times, meaning with a ton of measures and restrictions, but which came as a sort of plus for the home office city manager. Dr. Feriduni recreated Ben's hairline in a conservative way, so the results is the most natural. The density from front to back is perfect, even his hairdresser did not notice he had a hair transplantation done in quaranaine times. Which we gladly take as a compliment!


Top view


Front view


45° right side view

Preoperative pictures

11 months later

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we only got to follow Ben's progress by a picture in his bathroom that he agreed on taking regularly. We then organised a safe and professional photoshoot with him and Stella only when the crew was vaccinated and tested before. All set: enjoy watching the result...

The result

  • IMG_1547-676f96b0 Citymanager Ben - Dr. Feriduni
  • IMG_2787-1b3aaf8c Citymanager Ben - Dr. Feriduni
  • IMG_2422-a923a5ad Citymanager Ben - Dr. Feriduni
  • Check that hairline
  • IMG_2505-574507be Citymanager Ben - Dr. Feriduni
  • IMG_3039-a338a60d Citymanager Ben - Dr. Feriduni
Bert, 2 weeks postop

Since there have been some questions the last year: today it is exactly 1 year ago that I took the step to Dr. Feriduni Hair Clinic in Hasselt. I had been doubting for a long time... but I felt insecure about my receding hairline and becoming bald. In the meanwhile I am very happy with my hair again. Best decision of 2020!

Ben C.

Life's too short to worry about your hair

Don't let hair loss get in your way and stop worrying. Let's talk! Dr. Feriduni is more than willing to help. Simply fill in the free online consultation form. You can do this with your cell phone or on your computer. It's very easy, quick and free. Your online consultation will allow Dr. Feriduni to determine whether you are suitable for a treatment, and he will provide you also with an estimation of the costs. Then you can decide whether you're interested in a personal consultation to consider the next step.
Filling in the online consultation form will only take you 5 minutes to complete and you'll receive an email from us within max. 1 week. And rest assured: our online consultation = no cost & no obligation. 
Ben-calling-small-c8e406a8 Citymanager Ben - Dr. Feriduni
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