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Natural and lasting results

Bert, SO happy with his hair transplant

Male model Bart

It has already been 13 years since I underwent my hair transplantation at Dr. Feriduni Hair Clinic. I can't imagine how I would have looked if I didn't had it done... My hair was starting to thin around the age of 32 and basically the prognose was not so optimistic. Given the fact that how I look is key in my professional life, I decided to have this surgery. I am still grateful every single day for having taken this step.

“The result is so incredibly natural. None of the hair dressers I have worked with believe I had a hair transplant.”

Bart D.

Bart became Mister Belgium in 2002 and that was the beginning of his modelling career. He travels around the world since then and has worked for many large brands. Bart is married with beauté Chloe Vandenbussche, a gorgeous and funny influencer who certainly is a joy to follow on Instagram. One thing's for sure: his hair has never been a worry since 2011.

Bart and his wife Chloe
Bart campaign

Natural hairline design

Bart had his FUE hair transplantation in 2011 at age 33. Below you can see how his hairline was thinning and was about to get worse if he would not have taken any further steps...


45° right side view


Front view


Top view

Preoperative pictures

Bart, a natural model with a natural hairline

Life's too short to worry about your hair

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