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Hairline lowering in FUE

Hereditary high hairline

Marianne consulted Dr. Feriduni in the summer of 2021. Obviously one can tell she is a natural beauty of whom you could never guess her age. Good genes, quoi? But there was one thing Marianne was struggling with: the fact that -besides surgery- there was nothing she could do about her high hairline.

Bert, SO happy with his hair transplant

“One day I was walking outside with a colleague. The wind blew through my hair. She looked surprised at my high hairline saying, I was lucky to have bangs to cover it! For me it was kind of the last straw. She was not the first to make this kind of unwanted statement, but she got to be the last. Today I'm enjoying wearing my hair back – without receiving any strange comments like that.”

Marianne Z.

FUE with macrostrips

After the consultation, the case was clear for Marianne and she decided to go for it. Saying goodbye to what was, looking forward for what will come. Her treatment was scheduled a few months later. Dr. Feriduni performed a FUE with macrostrips, meaning there were 2 areas shaven on the back of her head from where the grafts were extracted. The total amount of transplanted grafts to redesign a natural hairline was 2894. 

The result after almost 2 years

Now, after almost 2 years, the result shows: Marianne is simply glowing. She even mentions that she does not notice any difference in density where she had her macrolines. How great is that!

Bart and his wife Chloe
Bart campaign

Left and top view 2 years postop

  • Marianne_4-58f39007 Marianne - Dr. Feriduni
  • Marianne_5-62e63bf6 Marianne - Dr. Feriduni
  • Marianne_6-3b7f9b9d Marianne - Dr. Feriduni
  • Marianne_9-f9213afb Marianne - Dr. Feriduni
  • Marianne_10-9b3fec52 Marianne - Dr. Feriduni

Life's too short to worry about your hair

No more special haircuts with bangs, no more mandatory hats or beanies. Going outside when it's windy or take a relaxing plunge in the water without worrying when you get out. If your high forehead is taking over too much, maybe you should consider to inform yourself properly on your options. Dr. Feriduni is willing to help and listen to your story. Simply first fill in the online consultation form on our webite. You can do this on your mobile phone, tablet or pc. It's quick, easy and free. Filling in the online consultation form will only take you 5 minutes to complete and you'll receive an email from us within max. 1 week. Your online consultation will allow Dr. Feriduni to determine whether you are suitable for a treatment, and he will provide you also with an estimation of the costs. Then you can decide whether you're interested in a personal consultation to consider the next step. 
Marianne_white-8fa0c6ba Marianne - Dr. Feriduni
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