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F_logo1 Immediately after surgery - Dr. Feriduni
Immediately after surgery


For safety reasons, we advise our patients not to drive themselves after the treatment, as the local anesthetic can reduce alertness in traffic. Preferably you should be driven and collected, or take a taxi.


Please make sure that you do not bump your head, particularly when getting in and out of a car. This could cause bleeding. Be careful when getting dressed and undressed, and preferably wear clothing with a zip or buttons, especially during the first few days after treatment. After a FUT: try to hold your head straight all the time, and avoid sudden movements, both sideways movements and bending forward. This will not put strain on the stitches, and allow the wound to heal well.


During the first week after the treatment, it is preferable to sleep on your back and in an almost sitting posture. Use the neck pillow provided so that the transplants in the transplanted area do not become detached.

Blood loss

On the night after the treatment, there may be slight blood loss both from the transplanted area and the donor area. This is completely normal. You will receive a special adhesive cover that you can put around your neck pillow and/or head cushion, so that the bed linen is not soiled.


You may take a shower after the operation, but you must not stand with your head underneath the water jet. Avoid showers that are too long or too hot.

Alcohol / smoking

It is best not to smoke and drink much alcohol after the treatment.

Better not alone

We advise our patients to come with their partner, a friend or relative, so that another person is always present during the first night. Not possible? Then always keep the telephone within reach in case a problem should arise.

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