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FUE hair transplant

What is an FUE hair transplant?

FUE is the most successful method in hair restoration. Hair is extracted from the donor area (the crown of hair, at the back of the head) with a tiny hollow needle that extracts the entire hair follicle. Dr. Feriduni then makes very small, sophisticated incisions with surgical blades uniquely tailored to the patient. Here he constantly takes into account the reconstruction of the natural hairline: the direction of the hairs, the density, a soft transition, a beautiful distribution. Then the hairs are implanted in the area to be treated.
"My life has completely changed after my hair transplant. I was insecure and even had depression. I am so happy that I dared to take the step! Dr. Feriduni is as people write about him: a warm, friendly and very professional doctor with an eye for a natural result."
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Is a hair transplant something for you?

Inlets, the crown area, a hairline that is too high, thinner hair, a bald spot, temporal peaks, eyelashes, eyebrows, beard, a reconstruction after an accident or radiation, a repair of a failed hair transplant. There are a variety of reasons to consider a hair transplant. Dr. Feriduni is happy to discuss the possibilities with you. Make an appointment without obligation and fill in the online consultation form!

FUE: an invisible procedure with visible results

After a qualitative FUE, a hair transplant should not be visible. A big advantage for those who want a short haircut after treatment, even shorter than 1 cm. However, tiny scars can appear, which can be seen as small white dots on the scalp. This possible scar formation depends on various factors that are individually and previously determined by Dr. Feriduni to be examined. FUE treatment is recommended for almost everyone. FUE is also suitable for patients who want to correct a large, linear scar after an FUT.

What can you expect?

First you fill in the brief online consultation form. This way we can prepare a patient file that Dr. Feriduni goes through. He examines whether and which treatment is possible and elaborates an estimated offer that you will receive by email within a week. You can then make an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Feriduni in Hasselt where he will conduct specific studies. You should take no precautions for this; the consultation takes about an hour. Don't worry, the doctor will take all the time it takes.

Furthermore, FUE is performed under local anesthetic in our private clinic in Hasselt and it is virtually painless. You enter in the morning and can go home in the late afternoon. We ensure an exquisite aftercare and personal follow-up of your result by Dr. Feriduni.
Schermafbeelding_2020-05-08_om_005723-0014a622 Temporal peaks - Dr. Feriduni
"My hairdresser doesn't believe that I had a hair transplant a year ago. The result is so natural, which is why I chose Dr. Feriduni. Like no other, he can reconstruct a hairline so naturally. I am very grateful to the doctor and his fantastic team!"

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