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Race pilot Laurens Vanthoor

Racepilot Laurens Vanthoor
In December 2019, Dr. Feriduni performed a FUE hair transplant with 3427 FU in one session. About 15 months later -due to COVID- we met Laurens again at the race track for a little catch up and a sunny photoshoot. Read below about his experience.

When sports meet hair surgery

Laurens Vanthoor, professional Porsche works driver, is a 30yo Belgian who is passionate for sports. He travels around the world for racing and is highly commited to what he does. Laurens also cycles and works out every day to maintain a fit mind and healthy body. And it needs to be said: he looks sharp. But even when you spend quite some time with a helmet on your head, a troubled mind can come up. Hair loss kicked in and Laurens decided to go for a hair transplant at Dr. Feriduni Hair Clinic.

Receding hairline and thinning hair

At the preoperative consultation, Dr. Feriduni concluded that Laurens was a good candidate for a hair transplantation. He already started noticing hair loss at the front about 4 years before. Given the fact that fis father and grandfather suffer from hair loss as well did not give him the best hope. He designed a natural hairline that was measured exactly to top Laurens' facial proportions. Dr. Feriduni always keeps in mind the limitations of the donor area, and with Laurens this was very dense and in good condition. The frontal third was to be restored in one single session. 

  • LV1-a62dc33a Laurens Vanthoor - Dr. Feriduni
  • LV2-3dfa95a7 Laurens Vanthoor - Dr. Feriduni
  • LV3-3c4f68ba Laurens Vanthoor - Dr. Feriduni
  • LV4-4f41ab7f Laurens Vanthoor - Dr. Feriduni
  • LV5-4ef45662 Laurens Vanthoor - Dr. Feriduni
  • LV6-4c2a5145 Laurens Vanthoor - Dr. Feriduni

"In the beginning, I tried to cover the balder spots with some gel technics. But eventually it started to get worse. I shaved my head completely but I came to the decision that I wanted to have nice hair again."

Laurens Vanthoor

The result

One year has past and a lot happened in 2020, one can say... We did not manage to see Laurens in the clinic to check his progress, but 15 months later we could work something out safely. A wonderful photoshoot by the hand of Boy Pijls at the Circuit Zolder. Please do mind to focus on Laurens' natural hairline!

L5-a37a41fe Laurens Vanthoor - Dr. Feriduni
L1-c1773151 Laurens Vanthoor - Dr. Feriduni
L2-c3a93676 Laurens Vanthoor - Dr. Feriduni
L10-ccb8fd97 Laurens Vanthoor - Dr. Feriduni
L3-a6c64fb0 Laurens Vanthoor - Dr. Feriduni
L6--18298037 Laurens Vanthoor - Dr. Feriduni

Special thanks to Circuit ZolderPorsche and Laurens Vanthoor
Photo credits: Boy Pijls Photography

Recovery and sports

We provide a bandana in case you want to cover your head the first week after surgery. It is important that you take good care of the implanted hair, which are still very vulnerable in the beginnning. Therefore, it is not allowed to do sports in the first 7 days. Of course, a little walk will do no harm. On the contrary: some fresh air is good for the healing process and to distract your thoughts. As from the second week, you can start building up your game. Team and contact sports are advised not to do the first month, so you cannot harm your head and damage the grafts. For Laurens, he started wearing a cap again after one week and was able to put on his racing helmet after one month. Swimming in salt water is allowed to do after one week, and in chlorine water after two weeks. Also an important fact: sweat can do no harm. If it's warm outside, you should only protect your skin with SPF 50. The reason for being careful in sports is simply to bump the head and to overload your facial muscles when working out. 

For more questions on the healing process, please feel free to contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +32(0)11 299 790.

The road ahead

Hair loss can affect anyone and it is totally done to talk about it. We're happy to listen to your concerns and more than welcome to have Dr. Feriduni evaluate your hair situation. Ask for all the information you need, without obligation.

L11-cd0d008a Laurens Vanthoor - Dr. Feriduni

You are worth it

Life is short, eat the cake. On our website we offer a free online consultation form. It only takes a few minutes to fill in and after 2-7 days you will receive Dr. Feriduni's advised treatment plan and a quote. This way, you get an idea whether a hair transplant can offer a solution for you. Dr. Feriduni will never treat anyone if they are not convinced of a good and lasting result.
Laurens Vanthoor

Contact us for more info 
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