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Dr. Feriduni

The risks of cheap hair transplantation

As we tend to see an extreme increase in low quality hair transplantation, we love to share our thoughts on this topic. Many patients come to us after their bad hair transplant, and this can be avoided when taking important issues in consideration. 

Cheap HT quote Dr. Feriduni

Failed hair transplants
Many clinics often try to attract patients by offering them cheap hair transplant. But in most cases, it turns out that their only objective is to make it cheap and dismiss quality and longterm approach. Low priced offers are often tempting and challenging to those with limited budgets. But it is highly recommended to inform yourself comprehensively before opting for a hair transplant at certain clinics in your country or abroad. Unfortunately, the majority of those clinics do not fulfill their promises. Most of the hair transplants will result in poor outcomes due to a low growing yield which intensivley affects the patient’s self-esteem. In most cases, several hair transplants (repair) will be necessary to achieve an aesthetically satisfying result.

However, only a few of the patients suffering from poor results have enough donor supply to ask for a follow-up hair transplant. Since there is no unlimited donor supply, the majority of the patients must live with an unsatisfying results for the rest of their lives. Many patients undergoing a failed hair transplant with low priced clinics have a depleted donor area and will not even be found eligible for another repair transplant. As for the final costs, the tempting effect of saving money will initially be turned into its opposite and patients will have to pay double the price in case there is another follow-up possible.

Safe donor site management
One of the most important factors in successful hair restoration surgery is the efficient use of the donor area when restoring a patient’s hair situation. To be able to accomplish “safe” donor site management, the hair surgeon needs to understand how to plan and evaluate the patient’s donor area carefully without risking visible thinning of the donor site. This requires meticulous measurements and is relevant to the hair surgeon’s extensive skills and expertise. 

Anyone opting for a hair transplant with low-cost and poor quality carriers should be aware that his own donor supply is limited and delicately asks for an economic distribution concept and longterm approach prior to the hair transplant. Please understand that failed hair transplants and poor results can not be undone to 100% later.

Never choose the cheapest option
Our clinic is not involved in the actual low price policies of other clinics, nor do we offer dumping prices. We continuously focus on correct hair transplant cost to ensure satisfying results. We always try to improve ourselves and stay on top of the latest technologies. E.g. by working partially automised with the WAW-system, which has quite a cost to acquire, we win time and obtain a better quality of the follicular units. This enables us to lower our costs and adapt our pricing. But high-quality management, more than 20 years of experience and the personal approach of Dr. Feriduni and his staff can not be diminished. Patient is king, we do not settle for less.

Dr. Feriduni    "30% of our patients are “repair cases” as we unfortunately categorise them. I'm always willing to help and save what can be saved, but there are many factors which need to be considered. If you are not satisfied by your hair transplant, do not hesitate to contact our clinic for expert advice." 
Dr. Feriduni

Cheap vs quality hair transplant

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