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F_logo1 After the FUE-treatment  - Dr. Feriduni
After the FUE-treatment

A short overview of the instructions:
  • In the first nights after an operation, patients should sleep on their backs with their upper body slightly raised. This minimizes danger to the transplanted area.
  • The main thing is to avoid pressure to the head. This means that patients should avoid bending down, not hold their heads in a downward position, not shout loudly or cough too much. All these movements can cause blood pressure in the head to rise, leading to possible bleeding in the transplantation area in the first few days after an FUE operation.
  • Sports and other physical activities should be avoided for a period of 2 weeks.
  • The hygiene rules, which you will have received from Dr. Feriduni and his team, must be followed in detail over the next two weeks.
  • In the first 2 weeks after an FUE transplant, patients should not wear a helmet, hat or wig. In most cases, a bandana may be worn.
  • For a period of 4 weeks after the transplantation, patients are advised not to go to a sauna or solarium.

The following points also need to be followed after the transplantation:
  • A check-up is performed on the day after the FUE transplantation. This should be repeated about 2 weeks later.
  • Swelling will probably occur on the day after the transplantation. This should disappear within a week.
  • A fine scab will form on the transplantation area after the operation. This generally disappears within 7 - 10 days.
  • The stitches in the donor area, along with any remaining scabs in the transplanted area, will - insofar as they have not already disappeared (this generally occurs within 7 - 10 days) - be removed by the medical team after 14 days.
  • There is a possibility - due to operation stress - that a number of hairs will fall out in the post-operation phase. This generally temporary occurrence is known as "shock loss", and may last just a few weeks or possibly months. In certain cases, donor hairs and neighbouring hairs may fall out after a hair transplant (for instance when dense packing has been performed). This should not worry patients, as the hairs generally regrow once the shock loss period has ended.

After an FUE transplantation, patients need to follow certain instructions. You can find them under IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS.

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