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F_logo1 Before the FUE-treatment - Dr. Feriduni
Before the FUE-treatment

Basic information:
  • No alcohol / no smoking in the three days prior to the operation. It is very recommendable to get enough sleep.
  • If you suffer from any disease, a blood test should be done beforehand, either by your local GP or by us. Generally speaking, a pre-operation blood test is not necessary when the patient is young and healthy. Please inform us as early as possible whether your blood needs to be tested.
  • On the day of the operation, you should only have a light breakfast. We will give you breakfast at the clinic.
  • Please wear comfortable clothes on the day of the operation. Do not wear clothes which you need to pull over your head. Wear comfortable shoes.
  • You will be given operation clothing during your stay here in the clinic. This should be worn the whole day.
  • Please do not wear jewellery during your stay here - remove it before coming to the clinic.
  • Please understand the necessity of us always being able to contact you by phone. This is particularly the case on the day of the operation, and you should be available from 07:00 AM onwards in case we might have to contact you for urgent matters.
  • Please do not have your haircut before an FUE operation, as this makes it more difficult for us to determine the status of your hair and the subsequent treatment. Before treatment begins, we will cut your hair to a length of 0.9mm.
  • Should you take anticoagulant medication, please contact our doctor.
  • Medication containing acetylsalicylic acid such as aspirin or other pain-relievers should not be taken during the 7 - 10 day period prior to treatment. The same applies to stimulants and narcotics, including antidepressants.
  • Please bring with you your prescription drugs and show them to the doctor. Should you have any worries about the effects of prescription medication on the treatment, please contact your GP or pharmacist.
  • Blood thinning (med. haemodilution) is influenced by the intake of vitamins B and E, which can have negative consequences for the transplantation. Please therefore stop taking supplementary vitamin B and E 7 days before the operation.

In the run-up to any FUE-based hair transplantation, patients should bear the following restrictions / information in mind, as the optimal healing process and success are highly dependent on them. You can find them under IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS.

Dr. Feriduni
Invest in your hair. You wear it every day.