Eyelash transplantation

Implanting eyelashes

Full and strong eyelashes not only emphasise the eyes, they also contribute to a full complexion. In cases where one's complexion is seen as missing something, this can be the cause of discontent, especially in women. Generally speaking, anyone wanting stronger or longer eyelashes can undergo an eyelash transplant, independent of one's gender, age, type of skin or colour of hair.


- Congenital thin and short eyelashes
- Due to a physical trauma to the face (accident, burns, etc.)
- Trough Traction Alopecia caused by the long-term use of false eyelashes
- As a result of a medical condition
- From medical treatments for cancer (chemotherapy or radiotherapy)
- Trough Trichotillomania
- From aesthetic procedures such as eyelid corrections


Reconstructive eyelash transplants

In the aftermath of an accident, an operation, a burn (for example the result of radiotherapy), people often lose their eyelashes. An eyelash transplant is then often the only way of regaining one's own eyelashes. 


There are however certain exceptions where eyelash transplants are not possible:

  • Certain hair diseases, such as alopecia areata
  • Obsessive plucking of eyelashes, as seen in patients suffering from trichotillomania 
  • A tendency to excessive scar formation, which can negatively affect the final result, with fewer hairs actually rooting 
  • In most cases, reconstruction of the lower eyelashes 
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