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Your FUT treatment


On arriving at the clinic, you are welcomed in the lobby and taken to a private room. This room remains available to you throughout your stay in the clinic. Relatives or friends accompanying you can stay here during the operation. The private room is equipped with a television, Netflix and a selection of magazines. You can choose what you would like to have for lunch and you are then given a disposable operation gown to put on. Dr. Feriduni will then welcome you and will take you through the details of the operation once more. A set of preoperation photos are taken. A medical assistant will then give you a medical hair wash. Afterwards you are taken to the operation room and seated. Vital parameters such as blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation and (when deemed necessary) ECG are checked and venous access established.

Details of the surgery

The operation is usually done under sedation, with the patient generally being given Midazolam as a sedative. This has an effect similar to that of Valium. The donor area is also numbed by a local anaesthetic. Dr. Feriduni, and at least 2 - 3 medical assistants are present throughout the FUT. The incision area, i.e. the slits into which the individual FUs are to be implanted, is also locally anaesthetised, thereby ensuring that no pain is felt.
The incisions in the recipient area are made using tiny slit needles, also known as blades. These custom-made blades can be perfectly adapted to the respective size of the patient's FUs. Customized blades are usually 0.6 - 1.0 mm wide. Nearly all incisions are made before implantation (Premade Incision Technique). This part of the operation takes about 2 hours. Dependent on the duration and scope of the treatment, a break is now taken. This can be used for relaxation or having lunch. Again dependent on the method used and the duration, implantation of the FUs may follow immediately afterwards. This takes 1 - 2 hours and is performed by medical assistants and Dr. Feriduni.
Now it's the turn of the Stick and Place technique. This is used to optimise the patient's appearance, making the transplantation look as natural as possible. This fine-tuning, which involves making additional incisions and directly implanting single FUs in certain areas, is of major importance for the end result, and in particular the shaping of the hairline, making it look as natural as possible.


The operation ends with a further medical hair wash and Dr. Feriduni then checks the result, discussing the operation with the patient. The patient is then given written instructions and digitally on our app on what needs to be done over the next 24 hours. We provide our patients with a complete aftercare kit, containing a mousse shampoo, serum, oil and hair spray treatment. An inflatable cushion for the neck is also given to the patient as well as a bandana for covering as far as possible all visible signs of the treatment.

The patient will receive an emergency telephone number, under which he can contact the surgeon and the head assistant on a 24-hour basis. After a final check-up by Dr. Feriduni, the patient is taken to his hotel by taxi. In most cases the operation lasts the whole day, generally ending sometime between 16:00 and 19:00.
The patient generally returns the next day for a postoperative check-up, he/she then has the opportunity to discuss any issues that might be relevant for the next few weeks. A medical assistant also washes the hair again. There are no stitches needing to be pulled.

Dr. Feriduni
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