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Lockdown ideal timing for hair transplant

Quarter more applications during lockdown

Since the lockdown, we have never had such a large interest for hair transplantations. On one hand it is convenient that the surgery can be done without colleagues or others noticing. On the other hand we tend to see that people -especially in these dark times, allow themselves to go for this intervention for happiness.

Self image

Last year was heavy for many among us. People got confronted with themselves more than ever and dark thoughts arise. For more than 20 years we have experienced in our clinic how bad the self-image of our patient is. One resigns to a receding hairline or thinning hair, the other simply cannot let it go. This spiral often deteriorates: people compare themselves non-stop with others, and social media often pushes them under. After all, baldness does not match with the current beauty standards.  


Last year we received a quarter more requests for hair transplants. The urge never seemed so present, especially given the current situation. After all, a hair transplant is done in a single day clinic under local anesthetic. The hair gets shaven and the healing process is complete after 5 to 10 days. And here the lockdown turns out to be an important factor: you can perfectly start working again after a day or two, and no one is questioning your new DIY haircut. 

Changing trend

A while ago, the trend was for many to go abroad for a hair transplant. We are currently seeing a clear repercussion in this. Unfortunately, more than ever we have a demand for so-called repairs, or failed hair transplants. The hairline is too low or too straight, which looks very unnatural. Or tufts are formed in the front, with hairs growing in all the wrong directions. We also see patients with a butchered donor area at the back: a large scar or a bunch of small scars.

Doc_circle-f931663d Lockdown seems ideal timing for hair transplant - Dr. Feriduni
“I cannot emphasize enough the importance of a natural result. During a repair we remove the hairs and we correct the scar very carefully. The price tag is no longer an issue, they just want to get rid of it as soon as possible. ”
Dr. Feriduni

A stroke of luck

One's self-confidence can seem so solid, yet be so fragile. Luckily more and more people dare to take the step and recognize and tackle their problem. Yes, good hair transplants aren't cheap, but you enjoy a lifelong result. And that self-image will automatically find its way back. “I have more than 20 years of experience in hair transplantation and my motivation only is to see my patients thrive. That's the beautiful part in our job; we create happiness. For many, a hair transplant seems a cold and aesthetic event, but it is so much more. People are vulnerable, and everyone in our team takes that into account unconditionally. The patient always comes first.”
Dr. Feriduni also helps people who have been confronted with baldness due to cancer, scars or burns. For this purpose his Foundation was set up, in which he strives to treat a patient free of charge every month.  

New Years resolutions?

Life is short, eat the cake. There is nothing wrong with getting informed and acknowledging a personal issue. On our website we offer a free online consultation form that you can fill in in only a few minutes. After 2-7 days you will receive from Dr. Feriduni a treatment plan and a quote. This way you immediately get an idea whether a hair transplant can offer a solution for you. Dr. Feriduni will never treat anyone if they are not convinced of a good and lasting result.
IMG_6467-ca8cfc47 Lockdown seems ideal timing for hair transplant - Dr. Feriduni

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