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Hair loss?

A hair transplant under local anesthetic to regain a full head of hair? Please contact us and discuss your options with Dr. Feriduni. Bald spots can be treated, a natural hairline can be created by his expertise. The number of grafts depends on the area that needs to be treated, but much more of the safe donor management. Dr. Feriduni performs FUE and FUT treatments on a daily basis together with his professional and trained technicians. Dr. Feriduni also performs PRP treatments in some cases. Additional or a few months after the hair transplantation or preventive. This will be meticulously determined by Dr. Feriduni during a personal consultation.
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A full beard?

Do you have some bald spots in your beard, or is the density not alike? Dr. Feriduni is also an expert in beard transplantation. With a small amount of FU he can create a beautiful yet natural result. If you're thinking about a solution for your beard, do not hesitate to contact us and have a chat with Dr. Feriduni!
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Long eyelashes?

Both medical and aethetical eyelash transplantations are performed by Dr. Feriduni. Are your lashes congenitally thin, or very short, or perhaps in a very low density? Or do you wish to have more and longer lashes and get rid off the fake lashes that are dangerous to harm your own? Dr. Feriduni can help you attain a magnificent pair of eyelashes for life.  
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Brows on fleek?

Good eyebrows are very important for the overall impression of your face. Would you like to have full eyebrows with your own donorhair? Both nice and equal, without a trace of an eyebrow transplantation? Or do you regret your tattood brow lines and seeking for a solution? Make an appointment with Dr. Feriduni to see what he can accomplish.  
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A bad hair transplant?

Do you suffer a bad hair transplant result? Do you have hairs growing in another direction, or too much hair in the front which makes your hairline unnatural? Or can you actually see hair plugs on your head? Then you can always contact Dr. Feriduni for his opinion on a possible repair. Life's too short to worry about your poor hair transplant! Make an appointment and let's talk.
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One thing's for sure: Dr. Feriduni has the knowledge and experience to help you with your hair problems. There's absolutely no need to keep worrying about this, so do not hesitate to take the step and reach out to us. We're happy to get you in touch with Dr. Feriduni!

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