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Conosci Francesco

Nel novembre del 2019 Francesco si è rivolto al Dr.Feriduni per discutere della sua caduta dei capelli. Francesco è un uomo belga di 62 anni che ama avere uno stile di vita sano, ballare la salsa, aiutare i disabili a fare la spesa etc.

Ho iniziato a perdere i capelli pochi anni prima dei 60. Ho notato che iniziavo a confrontare sempre di più la mia capigliatura con quella degli uomini della mia età. Mi ci sono voluti 5 anni per iniziare la mia ricerca su come trovare una soluzione valida ed efficace per il mio problema. Il risultato della mia ricerca mi ha portato a scegliere il Dr.Feriduni.
Francesco G.

Protocolli di sicurezza e salute

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  • biodegradable- Notizie - Dr. Feriduni

    Tazze, piatti e posate biodegradabili

  • Temperature Notizie - Dr. Feriduni

    Rileviamo la temperatura di ogni paziente prima dell’ingresso in clinica

  • Dispenser Notizie - Dr. Feriduni

    Numerosi dispenser di gel disinfettante

  • safetyshield Notizie - Dr. Feriduni

    Schermo di sicurezza al nostro welcome desk

  • Novaerus Notizie - Dr. Feriduni

    Sistema di disinfezione e purificazione dell’aria Novaerus

  • Masks Notizie - Dr. Feriduni

    Mascherine protettive per ogni paziente

Il nostro personale medico ha sempre utilizzato mascherine protettive e guanti ma a partire dal lockdown generale di qualche mese fa abbiamo implementato protocolli e misure per garantire il più possibile la sicurezza e la salute dei nostri pazienti:

Influenza vaccination

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Influenza vaccination

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Important questions and answers

A regular cold has nothing to do with the flu. Influenza can hit hard and can worst case cause death. Luckily there is a vaccine, on which can't be more focused than now. 

Corona update

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Corona update

We'd like to keep you well-informed on the measures and protocols we've taken in our clinic, but also on the situation in Belgium, updates on travel advice and basically everything relevant to you as our patient concerning Corona.
Co Notizie - Dr. Feriduni DOC-May2020 Notizie - Dr. Feriduni
Dear patient,

Social distance is key to fight this virus and therefore our clinic has carefully taking specific measures to secure your health: temperature scanners, mouth masks, implemented protocols for disinfecting hands and mouth, seperate restrooms, the installation in every room of the certified Novaerus to protection against all airborne viruses and bacteria, biodegradable beverage cups for coffee and water,... We've also implemented Zoom meetings to reduce the visitors in our clinic and for patients who can't travel abroad. 
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions: 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
 or +32(0)11 299 790

Stay safe and take good care of yourself
Dr. B. Feriduni

Corona alert level 4 in Belgium !!!

As the alarming phase in Belgium has been reached, we are adjusting our imposed measures at the clinic to ensure maximum safety for both our patients and staff. As we want to limit the amount of people that are present in our clinic simultaneously, we have no other choice but limiting our activities to surgeries only. All other type of appointments and treatments are temporarily put on hold. For these patients, we’re offering a Zoom meeting or the option to reschedule the appointment to 2021, provided that circumstances are allowing an in-house visit. Despite these new measures, we will remain 24/7 at your disposal and do our utmost best to serve you as quickly as possible with your request and/or questions per e-mail on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or per telephone +32(0)11 299 790. We also recommend following your local government’s communication concerning COVID-19 measures and travel advice as this could vary per country.
Thank you for your understanding.

As from October 19 new measures in Belgium

To avoid severe problems in hospitals, the closure of schools, the failing of the economy and too many people who will suffer from loneliness by an overall lockdown, the Belgian Committee has decided the following: 

- You can have 1 close contact who you can see without wearing a mouth mask 
- You're allowed to get together in a private atmosphere with the same 4 persons per 2 weeks 
- In public places, you can get together with a max. of 4 people
- Home office is strongly advised
- Wearing a mouth mask is mandatory
- Respect the social distance of 1,5 m
- Bars and restaurants are closed 
- Night shops close at 10 PM
- Alcohol cannot be sold after 8 PM
- You cannot go outside between midnight and 5 AM, only in urgent circumstances or for work

On November 19, these restrictions will be evaluated and an update will follow.

Travel advice

IMPORTANT: Due to the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic, travellers returning from a red zone will no longer be under the obligation to be tested, until November 7, except in the case of obvious symptoms. However, depending on their answers to the self-assessment questionnaire attached to the Passenger Locator Form, they may be required to comply with a quarantine extended to 10 days. Travellers should be aware that new COVID-19 outbreaks abroad can greatly affect their trip and that repatriation cannot be guaranteed if commercial flights are suspended or borders closed.

Travel advice to and from Belgium

Belgium_drawing Notizie - Dr. Feriduni
Don't forget to fill in the obligatory Public Health Passenger Locator Form when travelling to Belgium!

Click here to fill in the form

Safety and health measures in our clinic

  • biodegradable- Notizie - Dr. Feriduni

    Biodegradable cups, plates and cutlery

  • Temperature Notizie - Dr. Feriduni

    Every patient's temperature is taken when entering the clinic

  • Dispenser Notizie - Dr. Feriduni

    Multiple disinfectant gel dispensers

  • safetyshield Notizie - Dr. Feriduni

    Safety shield at our welcome desk

  • Novaerus Notizie - Dr. Feriduni

    Novaerus disinfection and odour control

  • Masks Notizie - Dr. Feriduni

    Protective mouth masks for every patient

Our medical staff has always worked with protective mouth masks and gloves. But since the major lockdown, we've implemented protocols and measures to ensure the patient's health and safety as much as possible: