Hair transplantation scopes

Hair transplant against (further) hair loss

Men    Hereditary reasons are often behind a receding hairline, thinner hair or hair loss as people get older, with men being affected more than women. Restoring a person's natural hairline always has a positive effect on his appearance.  A further area easily seen is the middle of the head. Hair loss here does not just have an effect on one's overall appearance, but also changes one's face. 

Women  In contrast to men, the pattern and causes (illness or from birth) of women's hair loss differ, entailing different forms of treatment. In most cases hair loss in women is diffuse, often greatly reducing the donor area. Convincing results have been achieved in women through supporting medication. The majority of female patients react well to a combination of medication and surgery.

Transgender  The natural hairline of a man differs from that of a woman. A hair transplant does not just lead to a harmonious appearance, it also has a positive effect on one's own body feeling. 

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