Over-The-Counter drugs (OTC)


Most substances against hair loss available on the market are prescription-only. Nevertheless a number of pharmacies, drugstores and supermarkets sell over-the-counter products supposed to stimulate hair growth and at the same time counteracting any deficiencies causing hair loss. Such products are not drugs.

For example, products promise to reactivate damaged hair follicles. Other products - shampoos and hair water - claim that the vitamins contained in the products renew hair. Other ingredients in dietary supplements or cosmetics (for example, tinctures or sprays), are supposed to prevent or stop hair loss. These include caffeine, hops, ginseng or other ingredients, all of whose effectiveness is unproven. The effect of these prescription-free products in preventing hair loss is only partially proven or completely unproven. Even if their descriptions appear plausible and the products come from reputable companies, there are no significant success stories attributable to prescription-free products.

Dermatologist & Hair surgeon – a winning combination for hair loss

Important to recommend and clearly proven its efficiency with every type of hair loss is a visit to a dermatologist, who will provide the patient with further advise. This includes also the consideration of a dermatologic and aesthetic surgeon, who could competently consult the patient and help him through a hair transplant surgery.