New Year's resolutions

A fresh start in 2021!

New Year's resolutions?

2020 was not as expected, that's for sure. The lockdown has had quite an impact on many among us, unfortunately. People got more confronted with themselves, their selfesteem often got a hit, partially by the force of social media. Someone's self-image can appear to be so strong, yet be so fragile? Yes, you can learn to accept your hair loss or thinning hair. But for others, this is not an option and their thoughts can deteriorate severely. 

Do not let hair loss take over

We can only emphasize that there is nothing wrong with being well-informed. Dr. Feriduni is more than happy to guide you in your options for your hair problem.

Read the story of Francesco 9 months after his FUE hair transplantation.

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I think that when something bothers you in your daily routine and you can do something about it, you should. I try to live a healthy life and appreciate the small things in life. But my hair loss was something I could not control myself, so I decided to found a solution. Life's too short to worry.
Francesco G.

Life's too short to worry about your hair

Don't let hair loss get in your way and stop worrying. Let's talk! Dr. Feriduni is more than willing to help. Simply fill in the free online consultation form. You can do this with your cell phone or on your computer. It's easy, quick and free. Your online consultation will allow Dr. Feriduni to determine whether you are suitable for a treatment, and he will provide you also with an estimation of the costs. Then you can decide whether you're interested in a personal consultation to consider the next step. Filling in the online consultation form only takes 5 minutes to complete and you'll receive an email from us within approximately 1 week.

Online consultation

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SOS hair loss

Hair loss or alopecia is a commonn problem in our society for men, women and transgender. A full head of hair is a standard in beauty and symbolizes dynamics, youth and success. No wonder hair loss is for many people a problem that hits them deep. Looking in the mirror is confronting, and the self-image and quality of life deteriorates severely.

Read more on the different types of hair loss

Dr. Feriduni can help to fight further hair loss, sometimes combined with a hair transplantation, in order to restore your hairline. With more than 20 years of experience, Dr. Feriduni is internationally renowed for his expertise in creating natural hairlines. An impression of how Dr. Feriduni's meticulous work and measuring the patient's hairline.

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Lockdown seems ideal timing for hair transplant

Lockdown ideal timing for hair transplant

Quarter more applications during lockdown

Since the lockdown, we have never had such a large interest for hair transplantations. On one hand it is convenient that the surgery can be done without colleagues or others noticing. On the other hand we tend to see that people -especially in these dark times, allow themselves to go for this intervention for happiness.

Self image

Last year was heavy for many among us. People got confronted with themselves more than ever and dark thoughts arise. For more than 20 years we have experienced in our clinic how bad the self-image of our patient is. One resigns to a receding hairline or thinning hair, the other simply cannot let it go. This spiral often deteriorates: people compare themselves non-stop with others, and social media often pushes them under. After all, baldness does not match with the current beauty standards.  


Last year we received a quarter more requests for hair transplants. The urge never seemed so present, especially given the current situation. After all, a hair transplant is done in a single day clinic under local anesthetic. The hair gets shaven and the healing process is complete after 5 to 10 days. And here the lockdown turns out to be an important factor: you can perfectly start working again after a day or two, and no one is questioning your new DIY haircut. 

Changing trend

A while ago, the trend was for many to go abroad for a hair transplant. We are currently seeing a clear repercussion in this. Unfortunately, more than ever we have a demand for so-called repairs, or failed hair transplants. The hairline is too low or too straight, which looks very unnatural. Or tufts are formed in the front, with hairs growing in all the wrong directions. We also see patients with a butchered donor area at the back: a large scar or a bunch of small scars.

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“I cannot emphasize enough the importance of a natural result. During a repair we remove the hairs and we correct the scar very carefully. The price tag is no longer an issue, they just want to get rid of it as soon as possible. ”
Dr. Feriduni

A stroke of luck

One's self-confidence can seem so solid, yet be so fragile. Luckily more and more people dare to take the step and recognize and tackle their problem. Yes, good hair transplants aren't cheap, but you enjoy a lifelong result. And that self-image will automatically find its way back. “I have more than 20 years of experience in hair transplantation and my motivation only is to see my patients thrive. That's the beautiful part in our job; we create happiness. For many, a hair transplant seems a cold and aesthetic event, but it is so much more. People are vulnerable, and everyone in our team takes that into account unconditionally. The patient always comes first.”
Dr. Feriduni also helps people who have been confronted with baldness due to cancer, scars or burns. For this purpose his Foundation was set up, in which he strives to treat a patient free of charge every month.  

New Years resolutions?

Life is short, eat the cake. There is nothing wrong with getting informed and acknowledging a personal issue. On our website we offer a free online consultation form that you can fill in in only a few minutes. After 2-7 days you will receive from Dr. Feriduni a treatment plan and a quote. This way you immediately get an idea whether a hair transplant can offer a solution for you. Dr. Feriduni will never treat anyone if they are not convinced of a good and lasting result.

Online consultation

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Resultaten /

Hier vindt u een overzicht van onze laatste gepubliceerde cases van haartransplantatie van de baard.


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The world’s top 25 hair transplant surgeons

The world’s top 25 hair transplant surgeons

All hair transplant surgeons are created equal, right? Wrong. As Dr. John P. Cole of Bisanga & Cole hair transplant clinic in Athens stated during a recent interview with Spencer Kobren on The Bald Truth podcast: “This industry is in more danger today than it’s ever been.”  

An article by Spencer Stevenson for Apetogentlemen

Unfortunately, he’s 100% correct. Things are messy out there. In the last 10 years or so, there’s been an explosion of activity in the industry and dime-a-dozen operators have sprung up all over the world. It seems anyone can slip into a pair of gloves, grab a scalpel and start hacking away at some poor guy’s scalp. Don’t think I’m exaggerating either – I’ve heard some terrible horror stories, and seen the evidence. But today, you’re in luck. Because I’m going to share with you my personal list of surgeons and clinics around the world that I would feel confident sending my best friend to. 

What brought you here?

Through a combination of consultation and research, you may have learned that it’s time for you to explore hair transplant surgery. You’ve tried other options; you’ve met with experts and you’ve done your very best to hold on to the hair that’s desperately clinging to your scalp. But can you entrust your precious remaining follicles to just anyone? No, of course not.

The hair transplant market is a ferociously competitive one, populated by the full gamut of players, from the dodgy “backyard” operator to the fully-fledged, highly trained professional with decades of experience. Speaking as someone who has undergone thirteen hair transplant surgeries, I can confidently say that I’ve seen it all… and experienced quite a bit myself. You want recommendations? I’ve got your recommendations, and believe me when I say I’m confident I know what I’m talking about.

Take it from the guy who’s had 13 hair transplant surgeries

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I’ve met with many of the surgeons featured below personally and I’ve placed my own scalp in the very capable hands of a couple of them. I’ve done my time in the trenches. I’ve researched, read, visited, spoken to and met with a lot of hair transplant surgeons, and seen their practices up close. All the doctors listed here are, in my opinion, highly skilled and worth consulting with directly. They will provide you with an honest appraisal and, most importantly, they will tell you what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear.

You may learn that hair transplant surgery is not an appropriate treatment for you at the current time, or that you’re not really a candidate for it at all. You might be told that you need far more extensive work than you thought necessary. If you do go along to one of the doctors listed below, you can take it from me that they will be telling you the unbiased, unfiltered truth.

In the interests of full transparency, I will say that I work directly through Spex Hair with a number of the clinics listed below who I know through my own experience are incredibly, skilful, ethical and trustworthy. My function is as a patient advocate and advisor. If you know anything about me at all, you’ll know that my prime focus is the patient and what’s best for him. I get the opportunity to talk daily to many patients (before and after their treatments) and the feedback I receive informs how I’m able to recommend doctors and practices. I’ve spoken with countless patients from a variety of clinics over the past 15 years. 

It’s also important to note that this list is not exhaustive, and it is only my opinion. There are lots of great surgeons and clinics out there in the big, wide world and I would welcome hearing from you if you have questions or comments about any. My experience in this field meeting certain patients from a variety of clinics has enable me to form my opinion below. I’m limited to space too, and I’m certainly aware there are others well worthy of being included.

Finally, remember that surgery should be your last resort and there are a number of other less invasive options available to men dealing with a receding hairline, thinning hair or fully-fledged male pattern baldness.

The world’s best hair loss surgeons & clinics

Dr. Bijan Feriduni, IAHRS Member
Hasselt (Belgium)

Dr. Feriduni’s history in hair transplantation dates back to 1995. In 2000, he established Hair Clinic Dr. Feriduni in Belgium, employing a small team of medical assistants. The clinic’s focus is on maximum service, personal attention and a high level of privacy. Aside from Belgian patients, around half of the patients travel from other European countries to be treated by Dr. Feriduni who consults in English, Dutch, German and French. He personally supervises each patient’s progress and manages all pre- and post-operative controls from initial contact. The doctor is one of just a few hair transplantation surgeons worldwide to perform both FUST and FUE harvesting techniques on a daily basis. Patients can also have their facial hair restored and facelift and accident scars camouflaged. I know him personally and he is a very caring and skilful surgeon.
Doc-olderpic- Uncategorised - Dr. Feriduni

More resources for you to explore

When researching a hair transplant surgeon or clinic for your own needs, the following resources can help with your information-gathering process.

  • The Bald Truth: A weekly hair loss radio show that discusses hair transplants, hair restoration and all available hair loss options. Hosted by Joe Tillman of hairtransplantmentor.com and Spencer Kobren, the founder and president of the American Hair Loss Association, it has been on the air for more than 20 years and amassed a loyal, grateful following. It’s not a sales platform at all; it purely exists to hold the hair loss industry to account and to act as a fully credible resource for hair loss patients and other men’s topics. I co-host on a regular basis. The Bald Truth UK  runs regularly too and segments can be found on Spexhair.com
  • Industry Associations: IAHRS (International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons), AHLA (American Hair Loss Association) and FUE Europe

  • Global Hair Loss Summit: This is the most relevant educational platform for clinics and surgeons new and old in the hair loss, hair transplantation and regenerative medicine fields. For further insight visit  Global Hair Loss Summit

  • Forums: Join in the conversation, learn from others and share your experiences, all in the comfort of a supportive online environment. Try BaldTruthTalkHairLossExperiences and BelliCapelli Hair Forum

As someone who has experienced the good, the bad and the ugly of hair restoration treatments, I feel it’s my duty to implore you to do your due diligence when researching options for your own personal situation. I wish you all the best in your hair restoration pursuits and remember that surgery should always be a last resort.


Spencer ‘Spex’ Stevenson is well known to hair loss sufferers throughout the world and has been helping educate them for over 10 years. He has endured wigs, laser and ten hair transplants surgeries via different techniques. His website spexhair.com was set up to mentor and counsel others who are experiencing male pattern baldness and considering hair restoration via hair transplantation.

Contact us for more info 
+32 11 299 790 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Here you can find an overview of our latest published cases considering hair transplantation of the beard.


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