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Dr. Feriduni ‘s personal philosophy is to provide each patient with excellent quality hair restoration results in which the patient’s well-being and personal wishes are of major concern. A physician is always trained to become a good doctor but isn't necessarily trained in human interest. However, Dr. Feriduni feels it is of a fundamental importance that each patient who suffers from hair loss is taken seriously.
As a hair restoration physician, Dr. Feriduni deals with real people who often suffer from a lack of confidence and are expecting him to help them to achieve a new phase in their life. Each one of his patients trusts that Dr. Feriduni will provide him or her with the very best hair restoration treatment and results. Because the degree of success for the patient‘s hair restoration procedure lies in the hands of the hair surgeon, Dr. Feriduni thoroughly evaluates and discusses all hair loss treatment options and limitations of hair transplant surgery with his patients prior to operating.
Dr. Feriduni feels strongly that it's the surgeon's duty to provide his patient with as much information and detail as possible so they can make an informed decision on how to proceed. He also listens to the patient's personal suggestions and desires and helps guide him or her on their way to becoming a happy and satisfied patient.