About Dr. Feriduni 

Bio  Treatment

Dr. Feriduni performs exclusive hair restoration surgery at his clinic in Belgium and provides each patient with world renowned care, personal attention and complete confidentiality during his or her stay. Dr. Feriduni personally supervises the progress of each patient and manages all pre and postoperative controls from day one throughout the first year. The progress of each treatment is evaluated and verified using an objective measurement tool called Trichoscan®, which is a digital trichogram device, or with the DermLite®. Prior to hair loss treatment, each patient is carefully examined and a permanent record will be made using one of those devices. Every patient receives a detailed long-term treatment plan, in which both medical as well as surgical treatment options are taken in consideration. 

Dr. Feriduni has the experience and the staff to perform high density FUE sessions up to 3000 follicular unit grafts a single day or up to 5000 follicular unit grafts in a 2 days session when appropriate for the patient. The daily average number of follicular units transplanted per patient during a follicular unit strip excision transplant procedure varies between 2000 and 4000 follicular units. Dr. Feriduni offers his patients a highly personalized procedure and typically operates on only one or two patients per day.

The following advanced tools and techniques are used in each treatment: 
  • Follicular unit extraction pre-made incision technique combining lateral and coronal slits and fine tuning using “Stick and place” technique or Double Layer Trichophytic Closure technique
  • Incisions with custom-made blades (0.6mm up to 1.1mm)

Using those tools and techniques allows Dr. Feriduni to dense pack up to 70 follicular unit grafts per cm² when appropriate for the patient and if it is advisable. Dr. Feriduni believes that reconstructing a natural looking hairline is one of the most important elements of a successful hair transplantation. Creating a natural looking hairline and undetectable result not only depends on the science and skill of the surgeon, but also takes years of experience and a high grade of precision, artistic sense and imagination. Creating the hairline or temporal peaks is a real challenge for each hair surgeon and this provides Dr. Feriduni with the opportunity to show his artistic skills.  
In addition to Belgian patients, over 90% of Dr. Feriduni's patients is international. Every patient is personally consulted by Dr. Feriduni in English, German, Dutch or French. More than 30% of Dr. Feriduni's cases include repair or corrective hair transplant procedures due to previously outdated or subpar results from other clinics. Dr. Feriduni also offers scalp reduction procedures by means of the expander- or extender technique and scar revision. Additional services include eyebrow and eyelash transplantation; beard, moustache and sideburn restoration; and scar camouflage after a facelift, accident or burning injury. More than 10% of Dr. Feriduni's monthly cases are women and nearly 2% of all yearly cases are transgender patients. In addition to surgical treatments, Dr. Feriduni also offers his patients medical therapy consultations with Propecia (finasteride), Rogaine (minoxidil) and others.