The consultation with Dr. Feriduni

The choice of the right physician depends on a number of factors, 3 of which are experience, technique and training. Obviously such a choice is also influenced by before-and-after photos showing in detail treatment results. The internet, conversations with other patients and recommendations from other doctors are also important factors influencing any decision as to which physician to trust. But there is nothing like a personal consultation, in which any questions or uncertainties regarding the treatment and therapy options can be discussed. And last but not least, the patient has the opportunity to check whether he gets along with the physician - also an important factor influencing any choice of physician.

A personal consultation is not only to be recommended - any responsible physician will always offer one to a patient. The patient is always at the centre of any consultation, discussing with the physician objectives, wishes, options, previous treatment and possible reasons for hair loss as well as potential therapy. The family history, the assessment of hair loss in the patient's own family, hair density, hair structure, the hair loss pattern, a microscopic examination and other examination methods or the determination of possible donor patches and the transplantation area are also important elements of any consultation. On top of all this, the pros and cons of any treatment are discussed, as well as any possible side effects. A personal consultation including an exact assessment of the different factors are not just helpful for the patient. The consultation also helps the physician to find out whether a hair transplant is the right thing for a patient, and, if so, what is the most suitable form of hair transplantation. It also allows the physician to get to know the expectations, results and hopes the patient associates with the treatment. 

An in-depth competent consultation is therefore an important ingredient of any treatment carried out by Dr. Feriduni.

  • An open discussion taking place in an atmosphere of mutual trust
  • Adequate time for questions, wishes and concerns to be voiced
  • Individual advice tailored to a patient’s needs and taking into account all factors, including possible causes and a patient's previous history (anamnesis)
  • An elaborated analysis and diagnostic of the hair loss or lack of hair
  • A purposive eludication about the treatment and realistic options
  • A macroscopic and microscopic picture documentation to examine the efficiency of a therapy thus the progress and effect can be determined about 6 months after starting a medical therapy

Dr. Feriduni
Never never never give up on your hair