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During a consultation, a patient is provided with detailed and comprehensive information about the causes of hair loss and advised on the various treatment options. In his consultations, Dr. Feriduni also offers to perform a detailed analysis of a patient's hair structure and hair volume before discussing the best hair therapy with the patient. He will also check the success of any previous hair treatment. Such a hair consultation provides a patient with the opportunity and the right context to discuss his or her hair situation in detail with Dr. Feriduni. Before any such consultation, patients are requested to fill out a detailed questionnaire.

Dr. Feriduni
The basis for any relationship of trust between doctor and patient is a personal meeting in which the wishes and needs of the patient are not only taken into account, but also discussed in detail, weighing up all pros and cons. The fully informed patient together with the experience and knowledge of the physician represent the most important basis for any successful treatment, whereby it goes without saying that the focus is always on the patient.
Dr. Bijan Feriduni

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