Eyebrow transplantation

Alongside the eyes, the eyebrows play a major role in shaping one's complexion. Like the hair on top of our heads, eyebrow hairs attract attention. They underline proportions, though not many people have those perfect sweeping eyebrows with the right hair density.

Eyebrow transplants

Where eyebrows are too bushy or degenerating, they are plucked into shape. Plucking eyebrows, perhaps excessively, year in, year out often ultimately leads to a person completely losing his or her eyebrows. Such a loss of one's eyebrows can easily and efficiently be rectified via hair transplantation.

A further treatment option is a reconstructive eyebrow transplant. This can be used as a way of regaining one's own eyebrows when they no longer exist or have become very thin, possibly due to illness, hereditary causes, an accident or an operation.


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